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The Stranger Hostel in Krakow, Polska

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The royal capital for half a millennium, Krakow is one of the most beautiful European cities. Adam Mickiewicz, the greatest Polish Romantic poet called the city "the cradle of the old Commonwealth". In the past some called Krakow "another Rome". For a few centuries it developed as the seat of polish kings to reach its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries as the capital of Europe's biggest state.

In Krakow, all roads lead towards the Rynek (Market Square). It is a specific salon of this city, where both tourists and inhabitants willingly come to linger. This, Europe's biggest square, is surrounded by period houses and palaces. In the middle of it stands Cloth Hall, which shelters former stalls under its Renaissance roof. The Gallery of 19th Century Polish Paintings, featuring the greatest collection of the famous Polish painters, occupies the upper floor of Cloth Hall. Towering over the square is the huge bulk of St. Mary's Church. It contains the pentaptych carved in lime wood by Veit Stoss (known to Poles as Wit Stwosz), considered the most valuable Gothic altarpiece in Europe.

People say that Krakow, a city friendly to artists, is the venue of a culture festival that never ends. Here artists create works which, together with the historical heritage, add to the city's atmosphere, nowhere else to be found.


The Stranger Hostel in Wroclaw, Polska

Wroclaw - Venise du nord

Nestled at the foot of the Sudety Mountains along the banks of the Odra River, Wroclaw serves as the cultural and economic capital of Lower Silesia in southwest Poland. The Odras many tributaries and canals helped form one of the countrys most beautiful cities, complete with 12 islands and 112 bridges.

Wroclaw boasts an attractive mix of old and new architecture, including the town hall, which is considered one of the most magnificent examples of Gothic style in central Europe, and Leopoldine Hall, which houses the largest baroque interior in Poland.

The city is interspersed with plenty of green parks and open spaces, including Szczytnicki Park, which contains 370 species of trees and shrubs and a Japanese garden. The zoo, which opened in 1865, is a must-see, housing more than 4,000 animals. In addition to its commitment to natural preservation, Wroclaw is also known for its devotion to the arts, with renowned theaters, opera, and orchestras presenting a range of offerings each year. Festivals are also popular, including a jazz festival on the river and a massive music and fine arts festival.

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