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Praise for The Stranger Hostel - Krakow, Poland

"Best hostel in Europe. Sounds corny but true!!!Great staff, awesome atmosphere and set in a great city.
-Neil (kiwi)"

"Best place w could have chosen, best people in our room definetly made this place a party! Brilliant staff even better facilites (love the giant sofa, lotís of drunken fun).3 nights was most definetly not enough time to enjoy all the stranger has to offer. DONíT WANNA LEAVE.
-Lauren-Portsmouth, England"

"Congratulations on creativy. Such an amazing place. Donít change a thing. I had such a great time in Krakow and stranger only made it better. Will be back- definitely.
-Russel SA"

"Had a fab time here! Itís bright,cheerful, chilled and friendly!Ö.And has the best beds in Europe!Thank you for a great stay!!

"Great Great Hostel. Lovely reception people. Friendly staff. Wicked Cleaner Lady. Thanks you everything. Itís such a great place. We will be back.
-Phil Preston, England"

"No ones a stranger
Never lonely, no danger
Sit back, relax and listen facts.
This hostel kicks ass!
First class, cushions in a stack.
Music playing, movies displaying.
Staff got the knack, smiles and style
Make you wanna stay for a while.
Funny taps, gold unlitered seat,
Comfy bed to complete. Let the
Time lapse, sleep in mate.
Brekky till late, what a treat.
Time to get set, gotta go, nice to have met.
Stay in contact whit the free internet.
Keep up the trend
Till Iím back again.
Never alone, felt at home,
No danger, no ones a stranger!
Judd OZ
(9 days of bliss)"

"Thanks for being my home away from home, just when I needed it! I had the most fun. Great Beds, great lounge area, random pillows, free DVDís & internet were key, great people & great staff. Iíll miss you guys- it is hard to leave this place-TEAR. Iíll remember this family forever!

"The Stranger has got to have the best facilities + lounge area in Europe. Feel liky if you found this place. I donít want to leave..
Tome the Texan"

"Thanks for helping to make Krakow a unique experience.It was way better than I hoped it could be.
-Bonnie USA"

"Krakow is a cool place but this hostel takes a biscuit!! I have been traveling for a month and this is one of- if not the best hostel we have stayed in!!
-Slan Finbar"

"When you are traveling, sometimes, you feel lonely Thatís never happen at The Stranger Such a cosy & homy place A big kiss for every body
-Ewa, Spain"

"Stranger Hostel... We have stayed in some lovely hostels on our trip but by far this is #1!!! Great staff, great location, cinema... was like being chilled out on the couch at home!! Don't think another hostel will top it ever... will be telling every person going to Krakow to come stay here."
- Erica & David (Ireland)

"Heaven is where I'll go when I'm dead, Krakow is where I'll go to be alive! Where better to stay than at the friendliest, warmest, most chilled out hostel in the world and is run by the sweet beautiful girls who work here? It's so good I almost want it to be kept a secret. Be certain that I will return here."
- Stevie K (from WA)

"What was originally meant to be a 4 night stay turned into a 7 night stay which then turned into a 10 night stay! As everyone in this book has already said - this is possibly the BEST hostel in Europe, well at least the best we have been to so far on our 4 month trip. We are totally revived and re-energized after day after day glued to the couch or bed/couch thingy. Most comfortable beds in the world, friendliest and most helpful staff and such a perfect location for a hostel. We thank you all so much for such a great stay."
- Lauren & Katie (Sydney, Australia)

"Arriving at 6am on the Prague night train to be greeted by pouring rain was not our idea of fun but then arriving at the Stranger Hostel made up for all that! Though it's early on in our travels we're guessing that this hostel will be one of the best (if not the best) hostels we'll stay in! Such a warm, friendly place + that massive sofa/bed is the best place for a snooze! We were amazed at the generosity of the hostel so will definitely be recommending it to others! Thanks for everything + making Krakow a Fab place to visit!"
- Kirsty x Kathryn (English girls!)

"This is a truly great hostel! Unfortunately, we found it so comfortable, accommodating, and quiet that we spent rather more time here, sleeping and hanging out, than we did exploring Krakow!
But, really, it's great and we'll be recommending it to other people. Cheers!"
- Suzie (UK / Ireland)

"Hi there, I was in your hostel last week and I only wanted to congratulate you because your hostel was the best one in our trip. I wish that all the hostels were similar to yours.
I would also like to greet the new employee that helped us a lot in her second day. I enjoyed alot talking about Poland any my country."
- Inigo (Spain)

"The best hostel in Europe!! Had a brilliant time... don't want to leave... I could happily lie in the big bed for the next 5 weeks. Thanks for everything."
- Marieanne (Armagh, Ireland)

"Been on the road for 2 months now and stayed at a shitload of hostels and I must say that this one would have to be the best. Great work and I'm sure it will turn out to be the best one in Krakow. Beautiful city and excellent location. Ania and all staff very helpful and friendly. Well done!!"
- Kieran (Perth, West Australia)

"Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for opening such a fantastic hostel. I've stayed in lots this summer and the Stranger was the best by a long way. Keep up the good work!!"
- Alan

"The Stranger Hostel was, to put it simply, immense. I have had so many memories here (all of them good). The receptionists are the best (and hottest) in the world, and we're definitely all coming back. We came as strangers but we left as friends."
Love, Sam (Harrogate, England)

"Had a great time in Krakow, thank you. This place was great and I felt like it was home. Everyone working here was very friendly and made sure that I come back. I loved the movie collection and the pillow lounge! Keep up the good work.
- The lost traveling Polish boy, Koniarczyk
PS: Great choice on your staff!! Beautiful!"

"So many complaints... the couches too comfortable... the female staff too hot... the guests too cool...
- Dan

"This place rules. Open more around the world ASAP."

"Had a fabulous time here! It's bright, cheerful, chilled, and friendly! ... And has the best beds in Europe! Thank you for a great stay!!"
- Sian (Bristol, UK)

"After 3 days I don't want to leave. I love the Gold & Silver halos on the porcelain bowls! Comfy beds. Also, thanks to the friendly staff who helped with understanding the train system taking the stress out of my travel, also thanks for the free laundry!
- Leticia (Sydney, Australia)

"This absolutely has to be the coolest hostel I've stayed in so far. I think anywhere else after this has a lot to live up to. This city is amazing, the people, the sights, the nightlife, everything! Don't change a single thing about this hostel. We met some really genuine people here during our stay. Had a ball. Thanks for the laughs!"
- Gillian (Dublin girl)

"This place is amazing! I had 5 recommendations to come stay here within a week so word is spreading fast... The whole place is great but the internet access, laundry services, and "chill out" common room are so wonderful and helpful when you are on the road, seeing the world! Thanks to all who made my stay here so great and memorable! I'll tell everyone headed to Krakow to stay here!"
- Becky (Raleigh, North Carolina)

"To everybody at the best hostel I ever stayed at. Thanks for making my stay so enjoyable."
- Tania ("The Cheap one!", New Zealand)

Praise for The Stranger Hostel - Wroclaw, Poland

What a great hostel !!! Feels like a second home , which is fantastic after traveling so long. The bathrooms , facilities , entertainment , reception staff , location – Thank You! Rachel , Mello.

Well this has been really a big surprise when I arrived Wroclaw I didn′t know where I was going to sleep , and when I saw this hostel I couldn′t believe what I was seeing. Everything is clean and the staff is very friendly.

We have had an amazing stay here. Easily the best hostel we have stayed in this trip. So nice to have a clean and hot shower. Shame to leave this place. Steffo and Andy ( Australia )

This is the bestest place ever ! I can′t believe we have to go already after only one night. Thank you Magda for helping me in the bathroom ( hehe) Sorry we didn′t catch up at the pub Magda! Keep up the grate work and see you all soon. Carleen ( New Zeland)

We really felt at home here. And for the first time in our lives , we almost liked it more to stay here ( and watch the movies and play x-box) than to go out and discover a new world. Thank you, friendly staff. Tibo and Esther from Holland

How can I live anywhere else in Wroclaw ? Thanks to all and see you soon :)

You were all amazing ! Thanks for putting up with me and helping me so much along the way. I would′ve been lost without you guys. Enjoy! It′s been an amazing TIME ! Mark.

Guys what can we say ? We had the best time here ! The best amenities in a hostel that we have ever stayed at! We will definitely be back next time we are in town and we will be telling everyone about this place. The Staff have been perfect it makes the difference having such a friendly Staff work here!

To The Lovely Lovely Staff of Stranger Hostel! Thanks for your amazing hospitality! It has been a blast staying with you guys :) If you are ever in Sydney contact me! Love Pam

What an amazing hostel!?! Very conveniently located I had no problems finding al all. Your Staff here is incredible . From the moment I walked through your doors I felt right at home. Shared many chats with the girls and Mikowhy. Look for a good review on Hostelworld. I plane to visit here again. Thank you again for amazing stay. Rayan ( USA)

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